Art Exhibition opens this weekend Saturday 28 May

This weekend sees the opening of Jenny McMillan’s exhibition ‘Unlocked + Unleashed’. It will be open to the public to view on Saturday 28 May, Sunday 29 May, Friday 3 June, Saturday 4 June & Sunday 5 June between 12-4pm. The launch will take place at 12.30 on Saturday 28th May at 12.30pm with a celebratory small glass of wine – please come along!

About the Work 

‘The exhibition celebrates what is possible when there is a restoring of confidence and self-belief after years of feeling shut down creatively .

The work was not done for commercial purposes.  Each piece is part of a personal experimental journey  – a testament to the reclaiming of that spirit and a willingness to take risks at any age in order to learn and relearn skills and techniques.’

About the exhibition, Jenny McMillan says;

“I have always been excited by the patterns and rhythms of nature, by the rich texture and beauty of decay – evidence of these themes leak through most of my work. Unusually for me I was also drawn to conventional subjects like flowers, scenery and animals but adopted a new way of seeing and capturing their distinctive character in the natural world.  This is why I feel privileged in being able to mount the exhibition in Cushendun, somewhere that has been a haven and a source of inspiration throughout my life. I always return to this place.

“Many of the faces or portraits depict archetypical images of people worn down by life; I am interested in finding the spirit and the integrity in each of these individuals who may have been ignored or judged by many.”

Summer programme launches 

As we softly tread into the summer months, we have a busy summer ahead with lots of events for all the family. Below is a first look at what is happening during June, July and August, but do keep an eye on our social media page, website and don’t be afraid to pop in and ask us what is going on! 

We are also recruiting for a Visitor Experience Co-Ordinator at the moment, which will be a most welcome addition to the small but busy team as we steadily increase our footfall. We will update with more information when we have added to the team! 

Looking towards to the Autumn, we are planning a busy programme of events during September to celebrate culture and heritage month and European Heritage Open Day, so keep an eye out for updates on that too. We will have events, workshops and outings every weekend in September. 

As always, please do get in touch if you are interested in volunteering – or indeed if you have any bright ideas for events you would like to see in the Old Church Centre. And of course, drop in and see us during the weekend or at one of our many events as listed below.