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Ursula Burns – The Dangerous Harpist

11 May 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

How many Bardic Harpers does it take to change a Lightbulb?
The bardic harpers were Male. Rumours have it they were mostly blind and they did not have a light switch between them. They did however have ideas, the inner vision of wisdom, social commentary, poetry, beauty, humour and song to communicate. Through their work they  documented history and broadcast concepts and ideas. They were the media of their time.  Where ever they sat was considered the top table. Only the bards could challenge and make fun of the King/ Chieftan. Maybe that is why they were ‘Dangerous’. The original comics with a spiritual twist.
This new show is not a history lesson but an exploration of what got lost in harping history. Ursula is proposing the idea that what we face as a society with cancel culture and what she faces as a Dangerous harpist/artist/comic/ songwriter navigating cancel culture, has resonances with the cultural shifts that took place in the 1600s in Ireland. Then, they were loosing their language, culture, sovereignty and bardic traditions. Now we are on the cusp of Transhumanism and the stakes are just as high.
Ursula will tell this story by walking through aspects of her 30 years song writing, some fun songs, some serious with a performance that breaks all rules and a truly unique harp experience.

“Ursula Burns has invented her own wild style of harp playing and Spell is a mini masterpiece, pitch perfect, it deserves our fullest attention” – The Irish Times

“Burns is a perceptive writer with the ability to capture the profound and the profane with equal clarity” – Hot Press


11 May
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm