Live from the Old Church

Join us, live from the Old Church Centre, Cushendun, is singer/songwirghter Glenn Simpson. Live at 9 pm on Friday 14 May 2021, or any time on-demand after.

We are really fortunate and grateful to have Glenn perform for us this evening.
This event is free to watch, however it does cost some money to put together and to keep the Old Church Centre functioning during these challenging times. If you enjoyed this performance an would like to make a financial contribution, you can do so by visiting our donations page
Thank you.

Join us for a conversation with William Colvin, Katy English, and James Skivington at the Old Church Centre, Cushendun as they launch the Centre’s “Big Arts Weekend.” We will enjoy an overview of the weekend’s Arts offerings, a history how the Old Church Centre was created, and a description of their work in the community. Come to the Crossroads to be transported to the Antrim Coast in Springtime!

Join local musician Tony Swail at 9pm on Friday 16 April 2021 or on demand after.
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Join us at 9 pm on Friday 9 April, or any time on demand after, as Cushendun author and playwrite James Skivington reads his short story An Maighdeann-Roin.

Join father and son duo Sean and Philip quin as they take you on a musical journey through some American Blues and Irish Traditional style music live from the Old Church Centre, Cushendun. Live at 9 pm, Friday 2 Apri 2021, or any time on demand after.

Tune in on Friday 26 March at 9 pm or on demand after to watch mother and son, Helen and Ciaran O’Kane perform live from the Old Church.

Join Toraigh and Dara Watson in our latest ‘Live from the Old Church’ virtual concert. Toraigh and Dara, like a lot of people, are unable to make it to the Centre but are “working from home” for this beautiful harp and flute performance.
Join Colin Urwin, Glenarm, singer and storyteller perform live, here at 9pm Friday 12 March 2021. Or on demand after that.

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Watch Manny Loughran perform ‘Live from the Old Church Centre, Cushendun. Friday 6 March 2021 at 9pm, or on-demand after that.

ELEMENTS Talks: Water

WATER – its catchment, treatment and use, water pollution and water power

Second in a series of four talks themed around the ancient elements and linking global questions with the way we live our lives

Speaker Tony Traill, low-carbon consultant at Element Consultants Ltd.

ELEMENTS Talks: Earth

EARTH – Soil quality and land use

First in a series of four talks themed around the ancient elements and linking global questions with the way we live our lives

Speaker Patrick Casement, farmer, Chair of the Heart of the Glens Landscape Partnership and Member, DAERA’s Expert Working Group on Sustainable Land Management.

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Castle Green (film 1/2) was an intergenerational film project whereby a documentary style film was made by young people. By interviewing and filming the patrons of the legendary dance hall Castle Green they aimed to preserve the memories. HerItAge (film 2/2) is a short film made by young people in response to interviews heard as part of making the film Castlgreen. This short film received a Youth Oscar in March 2019 in the category of Gender. Both films were made through a partnership between Cushendun Building Preservation Trust & Education Authority, funded by The Heritage Lottery.
Peace IV – Understanding Your Area ‘Greetings from Cushendun’

Speeches made at the Official Opening of The Old Church Centre
Short film made as part of Cushendun Big Art weekend 2014. Based on poem of same name by H Browne. Made with the help of 20 young people living or connected to the Glens of Antrim.